Portfolio Strategy

Newbury’s existing portfolio is focused on the Scandinavian market with an annual sales value of approximately EUR 800 million. The portfolio consists of pharmaceuticals from several therapeutic areas with oncology, rare diseases and neurology representing more than 50 percent.

The existing product portfolio will ensure a steady stream of product launches in the coming years. In addition, Newbury has a strong focus on expanding its portfolio of strategically important products.


Oncology is a high priority area at Newbury due to the great opportunity to help cancer patients access affordable and value-creating medicines. The portfolio consists of several products for different cancer treatment for both solid and hematological malignancies (e.g. breast cancer, myeloma, leukemia, prostate cancer and thyroid cancer).

Rare diseases

Rare diseases are characterized by few patients and relatively high treatment costs due to the complexity and low volume of the disease. The company’s first product launch relates to a product in the field of rare diseases and more will follow in the coming years.


Neurology covers a wide range of indications, but the Company will primarily focus on selected specialty drugs agents in multiple sclerosis in the coming years. Multiple sclerosis is a serious life-changing disease in which Newbury strives to provide cost-effective alternatives compared to current treatments.

Individual products

In addition to the above focus areas, the portfolio will consist of a wider range of different indications and treatment areas. The criteria for building the portfolio have been to ensure that the products brought in are in line with the Newbury’s strategy in specialty pharmaceuticals and own brands.